Saturday, September 11, 2010

Doctor Who: Addendum

This week's Friday Pal's Night featured a Doctor Who battle which took a fatalistic turn - our boy Eljay was controlling the Earth Federation crew when he found himself surrounded, with a primed self-destruct mechanism, and being rapidly cut down by Dalek forces.

The result?

This brought the game to a surprising and rather abrupt end. Several of the other players were a bit put out, as the Loyalist Daleks were making great progress and had the Doctor and his faction fleeing before them.

Davros had just exterminated the last of the Movellans. We were looking forward to the great Dalek vs. Davros faction fight.

And then Eljay found the jolly, candy-like button and decided on "Boom Today".

I will have to add a scenario rule that the Earth crew must make a morale check before terminating the station and all onboard it.

Post-Game Thought:

In this pic alone there are 15 doors - can you find them all?

The big surprise was the effect 50+ doors have on a firefight. Players would position their figures to open a door, blast away with the rest of the faction, and use another figure to close the door at the end of their activation - cutting off the line-of-sight.  We'll be adopting a rule that a doorway must remain either open or closed for an entire turn.

And we're resolved to keep Eljay away from the Scenario-Eraser button. Ω

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