Monday, July 30, 2012

Star Wars - Destiny on Dantooine

The Rebel Positions and Blockhouse
This was a scenario I created using StarGrunt II for GZG-ECC back in 2006, so it's a bit old.  It's based on the premise that Princess Leia was gambling when she disclosed the location of the Rebel Base to Governor Tarkin; "They're on Dantooine."

Later dialogue reveals that Imperial scout ships had reached Dantooine, had found the remains of a rebel base, but estimated it had been deserted for some time. What if the Empire had units closer to Dantooine? What if the Empire had moved a bit faster? Perhaps they might have caught the rebels on Dantooine as they did on Hoth....

Warning - some of the piccies are a trifle blurry. Chalk it up to adrenaline.

The SitRep: An Imperial light scout force has arrived at Dantooine while the rebels are preparing to evacuate the planet. Because it is a light force, only four squads of Stormtrooper, a half-lance of Scout troopers, and a pair of AT-STs are all the Empire has to capture the rebel base.
Rebel Positions

The rebels are defending with four half squads of Dantooine Commandos ("Defending Dantooine from the Empire since 8:00 AM") with two Atgar P-Towers and two anti-infantry Dish TV guns.

 Regretably, I can't tell you how the scenario ended - both sides seemed to enjoy themselves, and there was opportunity aplenty for each side to put the wack down on some minis.  As per usual for a Star Wars game, I have a time limit on the Imperial victory objective, the rebels having only to avoid defeat and live to fight in another sequel.

 Miniatures are predominantly old 25mm West End Games Star Wars line, with Grendel Gun Towers, supplemented by some converted WotC Dish Guns. Scout Walkers are from the Galoob Action Fleet line. The larger walker is an old I-Core/Void Tiger APC.

Perhaps I will run this again at Fall In! or Cold Wars...the nice thing about running Star Wars games at conventions is you don't often get the die-hard serious gamers who throw their dice (or minis!) when their Imperial Garde fails to rout some Dutch-Belgian militia (not that I've ever had that happen...- Ω -