Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rebel Minis Red Guard to Solomani Naval Assault Infantry

It's been a while since we've played Striker II, but the 15mm Red Guard from Rebel Minis have me dusting off the rules book and practising my Solomani Manifesto as they prepare to square off against my Imperial 99th Provisional Marines.

These were easy to paint with good detail and animation. I based mine for Striker II - I found that I can adapt based figs to StarGrunt II using Mark Clambo's StrikerGrunt rules hack.

They are in desperate need for some support troops, not to mention some C3 figures as well.

I went with a dark field grey as a nod to those other famous Confederates - the C.S.A. It doesn't hurt that it also resembles WW2-era Wehrmacht: I don't buy into the Solomani-are-Space-Nazis meme, but it does help to give them a bit of character.

The various light and dark greys were rather monotonous to paint, but I didn't want to mess about with a camouflage pattern.

Next is my DLD-era GAIFV (Grav Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle).  It looks to me like Dave at DLD was thinking of the Sd.Kfz. 251, also of Wehrmacht fame.

The original model had a sort of duck's bill arrangement under the prow - I tossed those in favour of a milliput fender.

The turret mounts a plasma gun and was purchased from Brigade Models about eight years ago.

 My Assault (Naval) Infantry template postulates that the Solomani don't use marines in the same way as the Imperium does. The ConFed have ship's troops (marines) for shipboard security, but for rapid deployment of heavy combat units, my ConFed uses Naval Infantry in the same manner as the Soviet Union used to do.

Naval Assault Infantry Platoon

Solomani Doctrine may not be as effective as Imperial, but then again, they did come off the worse in the Rim War...Ω


Kobold said...

I do like the new Red Guard figures. If Rebel follows their usual release practice, we should see a command pack and a heavy weapons pack for them in the not too distant future.

Do you have any photos of your Provisional Marines? I would like to see how you've done them. I have a platoon pack of GZG UNSC old style Hardsuits in crimson battledress and several packs of the new style UNSC awaiting painting.

kmfrye2001 said...

Hi Kobold -

Oddly enough, I haven't any pics because I've never used them in anger. ;)

I'm also using the GZG UNSC, only I have them in pale grey, almost ghost grey.

I'll dig them out and post some pics in the not-to-distant future.

(I like your turn of phrase, Crow...)

dylan said...

I like them a lot. They look like the dudes on the cover of Solomani & Aslan.

The Grav APC isn't too far off the Holy Wind Combat Lander either.

kmfrye2001 said...

Dylan - That's exactly what I thought. I've wanted a model of the Holy Wind for ages, only no one seems to have come close to the design.

I figure the DLD model makes a nice TL 13 precursor - now if only we had a name forrit...