Monday, November 7, 2016

TRAVELLERcon/USA 2016 Miniatures

This year's TRAVELLERcon/USA had a smaller number of miniatures games played, but there was still a nice representation.

Pictures below are from Bill P.'s Aslan Vs Centaurs game. I did not get to play - from what I heard, it was a great deal of fun. Bill also has some very nice buildings that he doesn't deserve that he's fortunate to have, and they add quite a bit to the past-future mood.

Bill uses his own home-brew rules, called "Bill's System" or "B.S." which makes me want to publish my "Keith's Rapid and Point-based System" or KRAPS. Time will tell.

Also notable is Bill's use of the same model grav tank as I use for the Aslan - for more of Bill;s work, HIE THEE HENCE. Bill's aesthetics are excellent and coincide precisely with mine...Ω


dylan said...

Cool. I'd love to see more images of Bill's K'kree. Being a Centaur-fan myself.

Tales of that not yet. said...

Um er, it was Aslan vs Zhodani. The K'kree are on my blog which Keith has so kindly placed on his list of blogs he follows "Tales not yet told."

kmfrye2001 said...

Sorry Bill, there are some K'Kree in one picture, hence my mistake.