Sunday, February 19, 2017

15mm Zhodani Lift Infantry Platoon - GZG

After nearly 30 years of gaming, I've decided it's time to update my 15mm Zhodani Lift Infantry.

Originally, I had started with early resin Ground Zero Games vehicle mini's back in the 90's, with a combination of Martian Metals and Laserburn 15mm for the infantry. The rules were the original Striker and occasional Ashanti High Lightning for GDW.

Times and tastes have changed, and inspired as I am to do some Fifth Frontier War scenarios using StarGrunt II, I've returned to GZG for the vehicles (and Denizen/Darkstar Ventaurans for the infantry).

Reinforcements Have Arrived - Models by Ground Zero Games

For a Consular Guard Lift Platoon, I used 3 x GZG V15-56A, 1 x V15-58A and 1 x V15-57A for point defense. In retrospect, since I had to heavily modify the 57A, I could have used another 56A and saved the gun for future use. Live and learn.

GZG V15-57A

For the point defense sled, the 57A hull was used, and a new deck was created from bits of styrene sheet, with a turret from Combat Wombat.

New Deck and Turret (Turrest from Combat Wombat)

Combat Wombat turrets are nicely shaped, but suffer from a near-future look with too much reactive armour cast onto the turret, so I had to dremel the beggar to far-future standards. Then added some GZG greebles.

Miniatures included for scale: Citadel Traveller Zhodani (OOP), GZG NAC, Laserburn Ships Crew.

I plan on putting together another platoon, plus company assets (CP, EW, FDC, MRL and PD sleds), for either a large convention game or a Dirtside II game.

I suppose this means I also have to update my 15mm Imperial Marines...hmmm - I should have better thought this through....


Don M said...

Very nice work on the gun tank conversion, these really do look the part!
If I ever get around to doing Zhodani myself I'm leaning with Darkest Star Games Ventaurans for the infantry also as well as their vehicles (ah another project! lol)
Again very nice work can't wait to see the paint up!


dylan said...

Nice conversion work.

Have you thought about what you might use for the Gun Sled in the company assets?

kmfrye2001 said...

Hello gents,

Thanks Don, for your kind words and encouragement. I like the Dark Star vehicles very much, and plan to use some of them for the Solomani.

Dylan, welcome back! I suspect I'll use the GZG V15-55A - it has the right look, and according to the JTAS documentation, it's a proper grav-tank.

BTW, was your blog hacked?

Tales of that not yet. said...

Very nice. They definitely have the Zhodani angular look.

dylan said...

I always liked the GZG V15-55A. Funnily enough though, in my imagination I think of the "Zhodani Gun Sled" as a STUG-type vehicle with a fixed main gun. I know the description in the JTAS article doesn't specify that, but that is where my mind goes.

Yes, my blog was hacked. :-(

Skully said...

Nice grav vehicles... I have to order again - sigh.