Friday, April 13, 2018

Doctor Who and the Mist from Mars

The Mist from Mars...has arrived.

This past Cold Wars, in Lancaster, PA, saw Megz and I run a 7TV 1st ed. game: "Doctor Who and the Mist from Mars", adapted from the Rogues Gallery programme guide by Crooked Dice.

We ran two sessions, Friday and Saturday, in the 1:00 PM time slot. One of the advantages of running at a convention is we usually have a full game, and this year was no exception.

Three weeks had elapsed since the initial playtest and the convention, and I was able to complete the barracks and medical hut, paint the crates, paint the Third Doctor in his plaid/tweed cape, and add additional forces for both sides.

For an additional UNIT player, I added Sgt. Benton and a Heavy Weapons Team (HMG), in a Landrover.

For the additional Mist player, I added three guards  - unfortunate RAF airmen, who have since been assimilated by the Mist. I also added Captain Gray, a human victim/servitor of the Mist who has retained her personality but has gone over to the dark side. The character is reminiscent of Captain Black, agent of the Mysterons, which I like very much.

Another Victim...hypnotised.

There was a great deal of hypnotised victims, captured Doctors, Boffins building insidious alien tech, companions screaming, and players doing their best Donald Gray impressions.

Victory was fickle, once favouring the Mist, and once favouring UNIT.  The Doctor was taken out of the former game - cue an early Tom Baker regen.

 An amusing game to referee. Megz has come along quite well as a ref, and was able to run the game herself, with me relegated to fetching the tea and the occasional rules interpretation. Good stuff...Ω

Third Doctor...captured.


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Ed Watts said...

It was a fun game to observe, always fab to see you and Megan. I ran a hashed up version of first edition Invasion of the Argonauts kidnapping the British Prime Minister using my recently found GW Daleks as Mk I Argonauts and GW Cybermen as hapless converted human Robo Minions with an Alien Leader as the Master vs. the Jon Pertwee Doctor and UNIT troopers on old GW SF maps. The Master picked up 2 victory point markers as did the Doctor and picked up 2 but the Cybermen wounded Captain Mike Yates who was then killed by a Dalek and another Dalek managed to kill the Doctor and Sergeant Benton.The heroic UNIT troopers managed to blow up 5 Çybermen and 2 Daleks and free the PM but points and the match went to the Master after the slaughter of star and co-stars. Wish I didn't have to spin stats off the cuff but I don't have a copy of the Doctor Who miniatures rules.