Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Space Demon MADNESS...

Seems that everyone and his blogger has been fascinated by Khurasan Miniatures 15mm Space Demons.

And I am not immune.

I ordered a set of the Hammerhead/Alien hybrid with an idea to play some scenarios out of the Film "Pitch Black". To that end, I painted four of the demons in a pale sand colour:

(Sadly, my camera isn't quite up to capturing the detail, so I'll have to nick Megz's when she isn't looking. Still, you an see it's a nice mini.)

The second set of four were painted a pale dolphin grey. I couldn't decide which colour scheme best captures the beasts from the film.

In either case, I'm well pleased with the figures, and not half happy with the painted result.

Now to work on some colonists/crash survivors for them to terrorise. Ω