Saturday, July 27, 2019

Painted 28mm Tcho-Tcho Gang from Black Cat Bases

Figures from Black Cat Bases

The first batch of Tcho-Tchos are finished, and I must admit, I'm rather pleased with the result. I decided to use a mix of US army green and Chinese grey for the trousers, as though the gear was scavenged.  I leave the details of that to your imagination...

Here's another pic of recent finished figures for height comparison:

Left to Right: Crooked Dice, Black Cat, Reaper

Until next time...Ω

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Horace "Action" Jackson and Ebony Foxx by Reaper Miniatures

Continuing my Philadelphia Chronicle 1970s campaign setting, here are two private investigators from the west Avenue.

Miniatures from Reaper, 1/43 '65 Pontiac GTO by Welly

These are two delightful minis from Reaper's Chronoscope line.  Horace "Action" Jackson is a tall mini, made all the more imposing by his 'fro. In his silk-rayon disco shirt, heavy gold-plated medallion, platform shoes and flared black slacks, this mini embodies the spirit of the 70s like an Isaac Hayes 8-track..

The Ebony Foxx miniature has a tied top with flared collar (lovely), flared slacks, platform shoes and sports a .357 magnum, with a Pamela Dobson attitude - kind of a "Tell it to the fuzz, sugah!" vibe.  Also a tall mini, which matches up well with Pam Dobson's 6' 2" height.

Both of these minis are forming a Private Investigator/Angel of Justice team for 7TV1:

Scipio "Africanus" Norman and Charelle "Foxy" Love are solid cats, keeping the peace on the neighborhood streets. Unless the Fuzz drop in to jock your jaws - then, it gets heavy.

Can you dig it?

I knew you could....Ω

Monday, July 22, 2019

28mm City Police from Crooked Dice

It's not easy, finding miniatures that will suit the style of the 1970s, and without Crooked Dice, it would be less easier still.  Submitted herein are pictures of painted, pistol armed police officers, in the livery of mid-70s Philadelphia, aka the Roundhouse Boys.

Miniatures by Crooked Dice

These minis were purchased from Noble Knight Games, who stock a goodly amount of Crooked Dice miniatures. This particular batch were not quite up to the usual CD standards - two of the stances were a bit off, and the mould lines in the hard-to-reach areas were more pronounced than usual. Possibly the moulds are wearing out.

That minor quibble aside, these are really brilliant miniatures. They are sculpted in shirt sleeves, without body armour (again, hard to find). They have old-style "walkee-talkee" radios. One figure is female, which is I don't think was the practise in the 70s, but let's run with it.

These figures will be incorporated into a squad in my 7TV1 Disco Wars games. I've also ordered some police with shotguns. Whether mutant alligators in the sewer, rampaging androids in the Jewelry District, or minorities driving with a headlamp out, the Roundhouse Boys will bring extensive firepower to resolve the situation....Ω