Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Finally! I finished my British South African Police and Insurgents for Rhodesia. My initial inspiration came from Mark K. of  the "Daddly's Little Men" Blog.

Going a slightly different route, I decided to start with the British South African Police - famed throughout the Crown Colony as the "Black Boots", since they eschewed the standard brown footgear that was normally issued to Her Majesty's African forces.

 The Rhodesian Bush Pattern camo isn't easy to paint, but the result is well worth the effort. I painted two sections of BASP for the starter scenario "Black Boots on the Trail" from Two Fat Lardies' African expansion "B'Maso".  They're mounted individually for StarGrunt II, though I'm experimenting with magnetic bases for larger-scaled games.

Also needed was some transport:

Two Unimogs and a Landrover. Just the thing for getting mired down country. No fancy Alouette III's for my blokes (since I'm having one devil of a time finding them in the right scale...)

Next, I'll post pics of the SeeTees, that's "C.T." for "Communist Terrorists"...Ω