Monday, September 14, 2015

And some 28mm 7TV: Archer Vice

Three new minis from Hasslefree Miniatures - this might be my very first Hasslefree order. I've browsed the website, admired the figures, but over the years I've never had an application for Kev's sexy little figures. Until recently...

I'm very pleased with both the minis and the result. There was even some candy sweets enclosed in the packet, and an extra miniature included, as a consolation for having taken a bit longer than is usual for Hasslefree to dispatch - though it didn't seem it took that long to me. Still, free candy + miniature = morning win.

Minis are part of their "Mission Improbable"  line and painted to portray a certain well known secret agent, codename "Duchess" (Oh, she loved that dog...) and his on-again, off-again girlfriend.

Miniatures by Hasselfree

The animation is very nice (and while I did have to glue his right arm on, I'm getting used to it) and Kev has captured the look and character of the subjects. To obtain the series look, Agent Stirling's hair and trade-mark turtleneck were painted black and then dry-brushed with midnight blue and then a light gray-blue.

Agent Cain was painted to look tan-ish ("Well, what's the word. Lana? You freaked out when I called you a quadroon..."). I'm very pleased with the colour. Upon seeing the result, Megz commented "That is one hot little mini..." and I don't think she meant the dress.

Miniature by Hasselfree

As an added benefit, Hasslefree also sell Agent Jashun, the somewhat intoxicated version. I painted him holding a Glenfiddich bottle - if one is going to swill whiskey, swill one of the best brands.

I've statted both models for 7TV - I'm going to need to introduce a rule for being intoxicated (the miniature, not the gamer) and the effects thereof. Possibly an event card entitled "Stirling Shivered" that swaps drunken Shtirling for the sober one...

Thursday, September 10, 2015

More 7TV Space Madness

Nice long weekend saw some miniatures painted, for our first 7TV foray:

First is some backup for Dr. Lake - Brock Hampson: 50% Scottish, 50% Swedish, 50% Winnebago:

Miniatures from Reaper and Denizen

Miniature is from the Reaper Chronoscope line (50044: Frank Russo, Mercenary Hero). Nice mini - I wasn't mad about having to glue his right arm on, but I got over that. I also had some trouble with the orange-on-red dry brushing on the space suit - for some reason the tint kept darkening instead of lightening. I might try this miniature again, and give him a green-stuff mullet.

Second, playing the part of The Guru, is Roger Delgado's "Master" miniature, from the Black Tree 3rd Doctor Who line. Lovely miniature and captures a lot of the actor's/character's natural charisma.

Miniatures from Black Tree Designs and East Riding Miniatures

Last and most deadly is the Guru's young ward/executioner Kali, from the East Riding Miniatures Corporate Wars/Assassin line (JBA1).  Kali required a bit of modding, and the pistol she had been brandishing was cut away and an easy ivory blow-pipe added. I have a couple of addition ERM25 minis on hand for conversion to Sisters of Kali-style assassins.

Next up will be some additional 'rogue' agents for some added mayhem and variety...Ω