Monday, December 31, 2012


Happy New Year!

Finally, I've finished my Grav APCs from GZG. These will form part of a TL 14 Lift Infantry unit - just which unit, I'm still giving some thought.

The only modification I've made is to remove the GZG plasma gun, and replace it with the dash-mounted blaster from the Star Wars Micro Machine Gian Speeder. 

It looks more like what I imagine a medium plasma gun should look like...Ω

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Release the Smelly Horsies of War...

Inspired as I was by Dylan's quintessential post concerning the K'Kree over at War is Hell, I dragged out my old 15mm Martian Metals miniatures, as well as my GURPS Traveller Aliens module 2.

While reading the booklet (which deals with the Aslan as well as the K'Kree) I was struck by the use of saucer shapes in the fighting vehicles of the Two Thousand Worlds.

I had been pondering over what to use as a crewed AFV (as opposed to the drone vehicles the Centaurs employ) when I realised...I HAD a K'Kree saucer, I just didn't know it.

This is the design which Solomani humans refer to as the "Flying Dart Board" and is an older, though still serviceable design.  I would suggest it can be used up to around circa 1105 I.R.  GURPS Aliens 2 suggests that the K'Kree retain tracks on their grav vehicles for conservative esthetics, which is nice but hardly compulsory.

Pictured above with a human ATV (15mm Old Crow tracked Glaive). I will need to mount an energy weapon like a plasma or fusion gun, and some point-defense remote turrets.

 An added bonus is the saucer top is removable, giving access to what will be the turret interior.

That's a tight squeeze for K'Kree.The interior walls will need projections of open prairie to keep the crew from going mad with claustrophobia.  Such an odd species, but fun to game.

Many readers will by now have twigged the model - the UFO from the Roy Thinnes series "The Invaders" by Monogram.  This simple kit is costing dear on eBay, easily in excess of  USD $50 or UK £35.  While I'd like a second saucer for additional fire support, I'll wait and see if I can find it for somewhat less....Ω

Monday, December 24, 2012

RAGNAROK - Crunchy SciFi Gaming Goodness

The latest issue of Ragnarok - the magazine of the Fantasy and Science Fiction Wargamers Society - arrived earlier this week, and it is full of the crunchy goodness I have come to expect.

There is a multi-player fantasy battle scenario,
A Dirtside II scenario,
A Star Trek starship miniatures scenario,
Something on Cordwainer Smith that is beyond my understanding, and therefore Brilliant,
Traveller ships for Full Thrust,

and much, much more.

And it's all yours for the price of a pdf.

Hie thee hence and see for yourself.

Merry Christmas! ...Ω