Friday, September 14, 2018

28mm Land Rover from Crooked Dice

In preparation for running "The Mist From Mars" at Fall In!, I've decided to change the Heroic side from U.N.I.T. and the Doctor to Department X and Hugo Solomon. Reasons include becoming jaded with the predominantly same result the games were yielding (UNIT wins 3/4th the time) and an interest in painting up the 28mm Land Rover from Crooked Dice Design Studios.

As supplied, the Crooked Dice version Land Rover is hella-easier to assemble and paint, being a single resin body with four wheel pieces.

28mm Land Rover from Crooked Dice on a 1" grid
The design is crisp and nicely detailed. Almost no mould lines and the wheels fit nicely into place. It is a fairly light weight model, especially when compared to the Minifigs UK brick.

This model will be painted in Department X Livery; black with the "X" logo. It will be a welcome addition to my 7TV forces, and I might even buy another one for UNIT...Ω