Thursday, June 2, 2016

Downing Street has Fallen: The Invasion

Last week saw Megz and yrs truly visiting the WAMPS (Wargame Association of Metropolitan Philadelphia) and running two sessions of the 7TV scenario "The Invasion".

Inspired by multiple invasion plots from such series as Doctor Who and The Bionic Woman, this scenario depicts an attempt by the maniacal Dr. Argo to kidnap the British Prime Minister by employing his mechanical terrors, The Argonauts.

In a nutshell, Dr. Argo is using his Argonauts to kidnap the British Prime Minister (played herein by Lindsey Duncan).

We were using the 7TV First Edition - there is a 2nd edition which seems to be designed for faster play (from what I gather, mainly in how the information is organised). Having finally put a few 1st Ed. games in me hamper, I'm happy enough with it and unlikely to migrate the 2E, at least not yet.
Outside Downing Street - Mrs PM under duress.

The gate to Downing Street is from a model train scenery set. Funnily enough, I purchased the set back in the 90's, and it lay unused in a box for nearly two decades. Even funnier, I couldn't find it, so I had to track down the company and buy another one. Eh? Because it's perfect, that's why.
Argonauts Advance
All figures used were from the Crooked Dice range, with the exception of the PM - that came from the Space Vixens from Mars range as Mrs. Plumber. I painted her as Mrs. Thatcher - admittedly, Britain's first and only female PM was elected in 1979 - but that'll do, Mags, that'll do. I have another fig I can use as Ted Heath if I want to set the scenario earlier.

A squaddie about to be torn between two mechanical lovers...
Building facades for the end of Downing Street were constructed from foam core/board with either paper or thin plastic sheeting for details. The gray basswood buildings were purchased about ten years ago from a hobbyist at a convention - I plan to paint them white to simulate the Ministry of Defense buildings across the street.
The general melee and firefight. The Army's Laser Team has arrived, bottom left.
The scenario is taken from the 7TV Programme Guide "The Argonauts" and features such surprises as Fembots infiltrating as innocent bystanders, only to open up with a twin set of Vickies, I mean Vickers. The army is supported by a Department X laser rifle team (changed from the as-written bazooka team) which proved capable of destroying an argonaut with a single shot.

BTW, I've registered this game for NJ.Con on June 10th...

MK III Mechanical Smackdown: Incoming

Mrs PM escapes her captors...on the #14...for now.