Friday, December 11, 2015

7TV: Lady Winterly and Mr. Mangel

"I take it you've met my...associate..."
Following on the heels of my last post, I present Lady Winterly, modern sorceress, and her magical construct, Mr. Mangel.

Admittedly, I'm veering into Modern Gothic Horror here - but I don't wish to start Yet Another Blog. To my way of thinking, this is just a step away from Doctor Who, and in fact I will probably tie the two together so my conscience stops bothering me.

Lady Winterly is the scion of Winterly Grange, a manor and village in a remote and somewhat backward unnamed shire in England (but probably Wiltshire). Lady Winterly is an adherent to the Old Law, and rules her modern demense with the power of Nature and the Elements.

Miniature by Crooked Dice

I need to make another attempt at her right eye - it looks as though she's had a round with Mr. Winterly. The miniature for Winterly is available through Crooked Dice. Even comes with a little corn dollie to use as a talisman, or to sell to curious tourists.

Next is Mr. Mangel, her ladyships golem-like enforcer, and is raised using arcane magic to deal destruction to Lady Winterly's foes. I was at a loss for what miniature to use, having visited Reaper's Chronoscope line as well as one that sells witches and scarecrows (but neglected to post enough pictures to cover the range) without a satisfactory result.

The project was headed towards the back of the workbench when a chance conversation with an old game friend brought Malifaux's The Carver miniature to my attention (thanks Cam!). I bought the miniature on the spot - despite it having giant scissors for hands.

Miniature by Wyrd Games
Back of Miniature also by Wyrd Games

A bit of modelling with milliput, styrene sheet, piano wire and glue and Viola! Mr. Mangel will shortly rise from the fields. The plastic model comes in pieces, to be assembled, so I took the liberty (whilst making his hands) of filling the void with milliput for added weight (also added a small pebble from the back garden). The original model also comes with a groove in the back (cunningly hidden on mine with a burlap-coloured patch) which needed filling. A model railroad corn stalk (should be wheat or barley) was added for colour.

I actually resisted the urge to glue a dis-corporated 28mm head, rolling at his feet - Megz thinks I need professional help as is...