Friday, June 17, 2022

Traveller Scientists for Bug Hunt


Traveller miniatures by RAFM

For TravellerCON/USA last October, I ran a Bug Hunt scenario where the human forces had to escort a timid Hiver into the infested station and assist the recover of some critical data. I don't remember the result, except that the bugs arrived in deluge. I'll be running the scenario again at next month's RETCON Game Day, and I'll be certain to take some pictures for the gentle reader's delectation. 

Traveller miniature by RAFM

The 25/28mm Hivers were had some two decades ago, as part of the Traveller New Era clearance that swept the miniatures and RPG industry.  Produced by RAFM, they were, and are very nifty figures. They are easy to paint (once one decides on a colour-scheme), and look good on the table top.

My usual rating system is slightly skewed for these, since they were part of a packet that included a human scientist. In consideration, one may add a point for "Variety", resulting in a final mark of "4".

Animation: 3

Detail: 4

Proportions: 5

Variety: 3

Overall: 3.75 (4) out of 5

Miniatures by Ral Partha

The second set are part of the 25mm Ral Partha Shadowrun line, and are listed as Elven Deckers, or somesuch. To my eye, they shouted "Darrians" and since I need some hi-tech civilians for my games, these fit the bill nicely.

Miniatures by Ral Partha

These minis are also very nicely sculpted, with excellent detail (observe the data-pad), goggles and froopy 90's style clothes. The camera doesn't show it well, but the lady sports an iridescent body suit. Actually, I think I gave the bloke's shirt a bit of a shimmer as well.

Animation: 4

Detail: 4

Proportions: 5

Variety: 4

Overall: 4.25 out of 5....

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Bugs for Five Parsecs from Home: Bughunt

Editor's Note: I found some older draft posts that were incomplete, so I've updated them as best I could and will be releasing over the next few weeks. Saved from the Time Vault: Enjoy!

Some readers were confused, previously, in that there were no xenomorphs included in the last batch of Bug Hunt piccies. That's partially due to the way the game portrays the "bugs" Here are some pics of various models to use for Bug Hunt.

Slimey Blobs

These are Rutans from the ex-Harlequin Doctor Who Miniatures line, now offered by Black Tree Design. Some folks have had trouble with delays from Black Tree - while I've never had any serious delays from them, currently, I make it my practise to buy Black Tree from eBay when possible, since I know that at least the stock is ready and at hand.

"It isn't Life as WE Know It..."
Miniatures by Black Tree and Crooked Dice.

Skittering Spiders
These are some Stalker Spiders from the RAFM Fantasy Miniatures Line. Fun to paint, and a welcome break from my D&D Abominations. These were quick to arrive and easy to paint.

Miniatures by RAFM Minis and Crooked Dice.

I'm looking to probably pick up some Fury Bugs from Crucible Crush Miniatures

They have a suitable, scuttle-y vibe about them, don't you think?...