Monday, March 28, 2016

Invasion of the Argonauts

During the last week or so, I was able to paint up some figures for the Crooked Dice 7TV programme: The Argonauts.

These mechanical menaces are the creation of the insane scientific genius, Dr. Argo. Maimed in an experiment gone horribly wrong, Argo dispatches his minions, dubbed "Argonauts", to visit death and destruction upon his enemies, real or imagined.

"Bronze, Iron and Steel..."

As a counterpoint to the brute strenght of the Argonauts, Dr. Argo's more insidious creations: The FemDroids.

"It's colder in here than I thought..."

With synthetic flesh, armed with 36mm double-D cannons, these alluring automatons specialise in "surprise attacks against soft targets."

When the face-plate drops, all bets are off...

Both Crooked Dice sets were a delight to paint. The Argonauts are packeaged with an additional alternate head - allowing for the creation of a "Cyber-toaster" from the classic "Cattlecar Galaxia" relaunch. 

The FemDroids each ship with a single head - two humanlike, and two with exposed circuits and LED eyes.  All four sport retro-1960's hair.

Plans are to have a sufficient Argonaut force to assault White Hall in a 7TV/Dr Who crossover: Doctor Who and the Invasion of the Argonauts...