Friday, December 30, 2011

TRAVELLERcon Miniatures Round Up

It's amazing what you'll find when you go through the pictures folder on your laptop.  Here are some piccies I snapped at TravellerCon-USA this past October.

 This is Bill P.'s Snapshot Game, where Vargr salvage team battles human salvage team aboard the Kinunir.

I had something of an advantage, as having played in a Traveller Campaign set aboard an active duty Kinunir-class colonial cruiser, I knew the ship plans pretty well.
 A word to the wise - despite the glowing patina the years may have added to your memories of Snap Shot - the rules kinda suck...a lot.

My StarGrunt/Striker Game "Vland in the Can".  I had forgot to bring my Terran Troops, so Mark Clambo of Daddy's Little Men loaned me some of his figs.  What a champ.

Kinda neat pic as the Vilani Recon sleds roll on.

Viliani Imperium denies the enemy cover by blasting everything in site. 

Bill P. sez "Could be worse...could be raining."

Imperials test climbing the Jersey Barriers.

Mark Klambo looking well pleased with himself - he's just managed to break my scenario - what a muppet. (That's not my camera blurring - that's Mark's normal slightly-out-of-phase nature, captured by the miracle of digital imaging...)

Imperial recon sled - drawing fire.

A Vilani tank that has been Earth-pwned

That's me taking a picture of Mark taking a picture.  I think we were trying to create a tesseract, or something.

Any miniature game that ends looking like a scene from "Kelly's Heroes" is a good miniature game.
"No smoking! Ve haff petrol..."

More to come...Ω

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