Monday, November 26, 2012

StarGrunt Traveller - The Zhodani Attack

Here's an older set of photos from a Friday Pals game using StarGrunt II in the Traveller universe. This was a simple scenario played on the Cargo Deck of Doom. Zhodani Marines are attempting to take over an Imperial freighter, while the Imperial Navy and small Marine detachment resist.

Zhodani troops in Classic Grey

Denizen Ventaurans were used for the Zhodani, supported by RAFM Traveller New Era warbots. The Imperial crew were GZG Security and UNSC Marines. The terrain was a combo of Century XXXI cardstock barricades, used as a raised walkway, with two of the Dwarven Forge Sci-Fi Expansion Set, plus scattered bitz from Grendel, Mystic Moldwyrks, and GZG.

 The single biggest innovation for this scrum was adding the warbots. SGII doesn't really address the issue of robots, so we gave them d12 armour and 2 hit points - thus it took two "kills" to take out a bot.  Until the second "kill"  result, the bot would operate with damaged/reduced systems.  This made them pretty dangerous.

Warbot with one kill and one wound
One of the few things the PBN had going for them was the Mighty Slug Pistol - able to fire AP and HE rounds, with a 1.5" burst radius, the navy was able to suppress the Zho Marines - but not the warbots.

Green Naval crewmen go to ground...
 While the Zhodani used weren't representative of the dreaded Consular Guard, we did want to represent some psionics, so we gave the Zhoes a bonus on their reactivation and rally rolls, to reflect the officers' telepathic ability.  This allowed them to keep up their attack when they otherwise would have failed - this is balanced by rating them "regulars" instead of "veterans", to reflect the conscript nature of Consular forces.

Lone Zho marine rallies telepathically...
 The result was the dirty-stinking-Zhos pushing the Imperials out of the cargo hold, allowing them to consolidate and bring up reinforcements - the fate of the ship still hangs in the balance.


telzy said...

What is the flooring? I'm sure I recognize it but can't think of what it is. Plastic?

Very nice. I miss Traveller... or maybe I just miss being young when we played it

Eli Arndt said...

Plastic mesh used for cross stitch craft.

telzy said...

Ah! I knew I'd seen it before. Very cool use of it. I'll have go that route.


kmfrye2001 said...

Well said, Eli. That mesh is now a standard with me, especially after I found foam-core comes in a black finish.

scspieker said...

Can you give me an email regarding the warbots - I know that Grenadier had made them a while back but I have a few questions and a proposition for you that I would rather perform privately if possible.

scspieker at _G_ mail.