Sunday, July 27, 2014

X-Wing Scenario: Get the Tantive IV - Part I, The Scenario

(Editor's note: This will be part one in a two part article.  I think this makes for better reading on the browser's behalf, and it will help to make up for my appalling lack of posts this year.)

Photo courtesy Albrecht and Megz

Originally, I had held off for almost a year before diving into the X-Wing miniature game by Fantasy Flight Games.  Since the demise of West End Games in the late '90s, I've tended to avoid any Officially Licensed Star Wars games material - especially starfighter oriented ones. In my mind, WEG's "Star Warriors" board game was as close as one could get to capturing the feel and mechanics of TIE fighters vs. X-wings, without playing a video game.

And while this last may still hold true, it must be said that X-Wing is an amusing and engaging game. And to paraphrase a character of Mike Meyers: "It's Frikken' Star Wars!".

With a kind birthday present from Megz, last year, I was hooked.

With the announced release of the Rebel Blockade Runner, my enthusiasm was renewed. Who wouldn't want to chase this ship down and board her? Hence the scenario:

"I Want That Ship..." (Get the Tantive IV)

This scenario is loosely based upon the Operation: Skyhook campaign and elements of the X-Wing PC game.  The Tantive IV has just received the third and final transmission of the Death Star plans and is fleeing the Toprawa system, with the TIE bombers and their escorts from the ISD Devastator in close pursuit.

Imperial Flights (squads - 158 points)

TIE Bomber Flight 1 (58 points)
  • Scimitar 1 - TIE Bomber (Rhymer) 2 x Proton Torpedoes
  • Scimitar Pilot -TIE Bomber, 2 x Proton Torpedoes

TIE Bomber Flight 2  (54 points)
  • Scimitar 2 - TIE Bomber (Jonus) 2 x Proton Torpedoes
  • Scimitar Pilot -TIE Bomber (2 x Proton Torpedoes)

TIE Escort Flight (46 points)
  • OS-721 (Howlrunner) TIE Fighter, Squad Leader
  • OS-723 Obsidian Pilot, TIE Fighter
  • OS-724 Obsidian Pilot, TIE Fighter
Imperial Objectives: Disable or Destroy the Tantive IV.

Alliance Flights (Squads - 191 points)

CR90 Cruiser - Title: Tantive IV (141 points)
  • Aft Compartment: WED-15 Repair Droid, Engineering Team, Backup Shield Generator, Single Turbolaser
  • Foreward Compartment: Raymus Antilles, Gunnery Team, Sensor Team, Comms Booster, Quad Laser Cannons x 2
Red Squadron Escort Flight (50 points)
  • "Hobby" Klivian, X-Wing, R2 Astromech
  • Red Squadron Pilot, X-Wing, R2 Astromech
  • Red Squadron Pilot, X-Wing, R2 Astromech
Alliance Objective: Escape the board on turn 9 (enter hyperspace)

Map and Setup: I used a 6' x 4' felt map. The Imperials set up within range 1 of one short edge, the Alliance sets up on the opposite map half, adjacent to the long edge.  Scatter six or so asteroids mid-way on the Imperial half of the map.

Pre Game Thoughts:
The pilots on both sides were kept as simple as possible, without maxing out their pilot modifications or adding unique R2 units.

The Rebels seem to have a clear advantage in points, but in play, the awkwardness of the CR90 offsets much of the Rebel advantage.  Also, there are a lot of Imperial ships, and "quantity has a quality all it's own".

Coming soon: Part II, the AAR...


Ted Henkle said...

I stumbled across a copy of "Star Warriors" at a used book store. I love the counters, but haven't had a chance to play it yet.

kmfrye2001 said...


It's a slower game, and is reminiscent of "Knights of the Air" by Avalon Hill.

I remember once playing two TIEs vs one X-Wing - took us two hours before both TIES were destroyed. The last TIE died to a proton torpedo.

Maybe I'll dig min out of storage and have a look.