Sunday, November 29, 2020

Chinatown Gate by Knights of Dice

Limping in after buying it one year ago is the 30mm+/- Chinatown Gate, from Knights of Dice in Victoria, Australia. This purchase had coincided with a visit to the Friendship Gate in Philadelphia's Chinatown district, during an adventure to some of the less-well-kept neighbourhoods of Philly. The model doesn't seem to represent any specific structure, but incorporates designs from Melbourne, Portland and Philadelphia, and probably others. 

The model itself took about two months - yes, two months, due in part to poor paint coverage over the mdf. This, after having primed it with Krylon White Primer. Acrylic paint doesn't require one coat, or two coats, but at least three coats to provide an even finish - the mdf is thirsty.  And yet, mdf is also slow to dry. Finish the coat, then come back later. So, after an hour or so a couple times a week, over December and January, I took a break, leaving it at about 90% completion, before finishing two weeks ago.

28mm miniatures by Black Cat and Old Glory,
included for scale.

By and large, I'm happy with the result. My main complaint with the model is that the tolerances engineered into the design are too narrow, failing to adequately account for priming, painting and gluing. Instructions were not included and had to be downloaded at the KoD website - and then, they print rather small.  The ornamental fish at the peak of each side roof broke during final fitting. Both sides. Also one of the roof mounts.

Over-engineered as it is, becoming more difficult to assemble as you go, the Chinatown Gate yields a very impressive visual result. Was it worth the effort? Well, where else can you find a 32mm Chinese Gate?

Ease of Assembly: 3 

Instruction Clarity: 3

Detail: 5

Quality: 4

Overall Rating: 3.75 out of 5

There are two other Knights of Dice buildings, partially assembled and put away on my shelf.  In general, they are scaled for the 32mm+ Heroic scale - they are rather a bit too big for true 28mm. Which is a pity, because they are nice buildings. If KoD could be convinced to offer a reduced size for their standard laser-cut buildings, say to 95%, they would open themselves up to a larger market...Ω


Codsticker said...

I hadn't noticed that piece on the KoD website but it's a beauty; it looks just like the gate in a city I used to live in.

kmfrye2001 said...

IIRC, it looks a lot like Melbourne's or Portland's gate, with the three arches and concrete pilings.

It's a lovely piece, just have a small, square rat's-tail file for the roof ends. :)