Thursday, October 31, 2013

Traveller 15mm Ziru Sirka Artillery

Modern artillery has such a long range, in 15mm it can often be represented off board. In the Traveller universe, this is especially true for futuristic artillery, so I don't often deploy grav or GEV artillery vehicles in my table top war games.

This changed a few weeks ago. In helping an old friend clean out his basement hobby area, I was rewarded with some nice bits of old Stan Johansen Star Armor - some GEV hulls and artillery pieces.  After transferring them to *my* basement hobby table, I began to think of scenarios involving artillery vehicles in the First Imperium.

Show with 15mm GZG New Anglian Federation

One scenario which keeps recommending itself is a Delta Sierra/Deep Serious situation where a battery is being threatened by an over-run; probably the worst thing for a gunner is to lose his gun.

Missile Battery

This idea was combined with another I had written down to form a scenario where the Imperial GEV artillery was "ambushed", while en-route to their next firing position, by Terran Confederation Recon troops.  The Terrans are trying to destroy the Imperial vehicles, whilst the Imperials are trying to get into firing position. The guns become victory objectives for both sides, whilst the massive firepower becomes tertiary to the scenario.

Of course, once I had hit on the scenario, I had to order more vehicles from Stan Johansen.  My friend had given me enough miniatures to peak my interest, but not enough to carry out this new escapade.

Thanks guy...Ω


David said...

Ah, is this a slippery slope I see before me? LOL

kmfrye2001 said...

Yes, and I'm rolling down it at full throttle. Half my battery arrived today, so I'm sanding, gluing and planning my next order already.

Gad...I need help... ;D