Sunday, November 10, 2013

15mm Ziru Sirka Artillery - revisited

For years, I've had a Stan Johansen Star Armor Grav Gun Platform gathering dust on the shelf.  As with some of my Star Armor tank castings, someone gave it to me. This came in handy, as there was something about the Star Armor ACV tank hulls that, for the Imperial Artillery, simply wasn't working for me. The hulls I had been given were designed for hover tanks, and as the Vilani say, tradition must be honoured. I wanted something that looked like big honking gun platforms.

Back to the project at hand. After dremeling the grav bits off,  the Johansen gun platform fits the separately-purchasable hover skirt nicely, and reminded me in a way of the M270. True, the gun platform is exposed, inviting a troubling counter-battery strike - however, the Vilani Imperium enjoys a tech advantage over their opponents, and invariably out-ranges Op-force batteries by a comfortable margin. Perhaps the Vilani see a protected gun platform as a sign of weakness.

Gun Section Reports: READY...

I think the result is an improvement.

Specs for this brute were generated using Fire, Fusion and Steel - using electro-thermic chemical propellant, this gun hurls a 288mm (450kg) warhead 57ks or 35 miles. 

Not bad for TL 11...Ω


Don M said...

Not bad at all, the Stan Johansen Star Armor Grav Gun Platform always
looked too small for 25mm, but it looks believable in 15! Well Done!

kmfrye2001 said...

Don - true dat.

It's a 20mm at best, but with two decades of scale creep, it's easily shoe-horned into 15mm scale as a greyhound-bus-sized carrier.

Nice to finally see them painted.