Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Ship's Crew - 28mm Heresy (et al).

Miniatures from Heresy and EM4

Five Parsecs from Home (5PfH) looks to be an amusing way to generate sci-fi skirmishes without a lot of campaign back-logging.  After reading these rules, I decided to match the campaign shell to Full Metal Anorak (GZG's abortive StarGrunt II skirmish rules).

Heresy 28mm Ship's Crew

While I have a ridiculous amount of 25mm sci-fi miniatures, they are mostly old Grenadier Star Wars minis, and I wanted to capture the Traveller-esque flavour of 5PfH.  Fortunately, I had been given a small pile of 28mm sci-fi some years ago, and after a rummage about in my abandoned 5150 project, I was able to assemble and paint my first 5PfH crew.

Heresy and EM4 - Perfect Together

These are all Heresy 28mm SciFi, except for the auburn-haired gal on the end, which is EM4, painted to look like Hillard from Alien:Resurrection. Andy over at Heresy Miniatures hasn't added much to his scifi selection of late, and two of the figures seem to have been dropped from the catalogue.

Pity too, as I remember they were offered as part of a four-figure "Ship's Crew" set, which work very well together, as the reader can see - with matching jackets on three of the four. All four have badges on their jackets/vest, which make for nice corporate markings (and which my camera work doesn't show...). The engineer has the most variety, and I painted his undershirt black, and gave him non-regulation footwear.

(The scattered terrain in the background is for my 1970's 7TV game - yes, that's an old fashioned cigarette dispenser behind the blue post boxes. How times have changed.)

Coming soon: I'm working on another crew/gang, based on the crew of "The Betty" from the aforementioned Alien:Resurrection...

Update: The Ship's Crew are being offered again as a five pack...Ω