Monday, March 30, 2020

More 28mm SciFi for Five Parsecs from Home

More brushwork over the (enforced) weekend, for use with Five Parsecs from Home:

Inspired by the character of Eve Logan from The Chronicles of Riddick. This is a Copplestone Casting that I've had from the late '90s. Still available from Northstar Figures/Copplestone in the Babes with Guns set.

Nifty miniature with smooth lines, nice curves and tall to boot. Matches well with the Riddick lore, it that Eve Logan might also be a Furyan.

Next; Santana from the 2013 Riddick film.  A Moonraker Miniature (Wasteland Adventurer) that I think is intended to be a Road Warrior.  The scarf pretty much makes the mini. The machete has been added.  The 5:00 O'Clock Shadow at Noon is darker in real life, as is the hair.

Machete really needs another going over, with shiny metallic silver, to capture the well-kept and honed image, suggested in the film.

Leeloo Dallas Multipass and the Major. These excellent wee beauties are from Heresy Miniatures.

They show what a fine talent Andy F. is, and why he should turn out some new Sci-Fi Mangalores.

 Final offering of the day - two more Copplestone figures via Moonraker Miniatures.

I'm unable to provide a hotlink, since Moonraker has temporarily paused trading until the Virus situation stabilises.

Edit 11/2020: Moonraker Miniatures is now a part of Forlorn Hope Games...Ω

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Tales of that not yet. said...

Very nice. They look like their movie counterparts.