Monday, March 9, 2020

Pegasus Models Banana Trees

As part of my 15mm Modern African Wars Project, I've been collecting and building jungle vegetation. Pegasus Models make a Banana Trees set.

Though suggested by the manufacturer to be both 28mm and 15mm scales, my opinion is weighted toward the latter. I suppose they would work for 28mm if they were depicting young, immature trees. At any rate, they look more 15/20mm to me.

15mm Frontier Soviet Infantry on 1" grid

While I like most every Pegasus pack thus far, this one is my least favourite. Cast in semi-soft plastic, the tree-trunk tips have a hard time accepting the palm-leaf like fronds. Whittling away with a hobby knife does the trick, as well as using drawing/push-pins to stretch the frond's axial hole. This does make assembly rather fiddly, and I suggest assembling and basing the tree base and trunk, priming and painting them, before attempting to attach the palm fronds.

Because the palm fronds are held together by 1mm plastic stems, I'll be mounting these on larger bases, away from the edges, to help reduce damage.

3 out of 5...

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