Monday, March 16, 2020

28mm Colonel Virginia Lake

If she was quick, there'd be just enough time to hit the hand wash at Tesco's.

Karl Perroton over at Crooked Dice has released a teaser for tan upcoming 7TV2 expansion: Albion Rocket Group aka A.R.C.  This is one of my favourites in the 1st Edition line, and I'm looking forward to see what shiny new bits those Crooked Minds come up with for 2E.

Everything's better with Wanda
If you ask me, A.R.C. needs someone to hold the fort while Melody Lake is off gallivanting across space - why not her kinswoman, Major Caroline? Inspired by the heart-stopping Col. Virginia Lake from Gerry Anderson's U.F.O. (and played by the equally heart-stopping Wanda Ventham) she's the no-nonsense (and reasonably-priced) supporting actress that defends the gates against the Argonauts, The Mist, and SHIVA.  And she's let a fancy car from Department X.

Miniature was converted from Crooked Dice Daredevils set, with a head-swap from Hasslefree's HFA004 Kat.  Now I need a George Sewell miniature for Colonel Alec Freeman...Ω


Simon Quinton said...

Great paint job. That is a very good likeness as well.

kmfrye2001 said...

Thankee Simon. Kev at Hasslfree does good work.

I wish I had used milliput on the car's gap, but I was having such a struggle with the red plastic colour rising, I was just happy to get the brute together.

Some A.R.C. decals to follow. I'm waiting to see what Karl does with the 2nd Ed. Programme books - anything I like, I'll nick. : )

Tales of that not yet. said...

Very nice work. The vehicle looks like its from Captain Scarlet.

kmfrye2001 said...

You are correct, Bill; a Spectrum Patrol Car. You win a cookie. : )